Squeeze's New 3D Animated Action Adventure TV Series

Jax is a fast-paced, first-quality adventure series full of action, suspense and twists and punctuated with humor, targeting kids 6-12 yo.

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Higher ground

Magic does not exist.Everyone knows it died over a millennium ago. Yet, beyond the highest peaks and away from prying eyes, an extraordinary battle is brewing. And it could change the face of the world forever.

Nobody suspects the imminent threat. Certainly not Jax, who's far too busy living his teenage life, doing what he loves best: climbing. Going higher and higher until he has to get back home for dinner.

His world is about to shift; he’s about to meet the enigmatic Blaise. What he thought was a simple hobby is actually an extraordinary gift: the energy of nature runs in his veins. And he is not alone. Others like him hold this intimate connection with their surrounding world, even forming astonishing duos with their favorite animal.

Accompanied by his friends, he sets off on an epic quest to stop Silas and his troops before it is too late. But the battle is more complex than it would seem. Inebriated by the discovery of his incredible powers and blinded by his idealism, young Jax—if he is to triumph—must forge his own identity, learn to open up to others and arm himself with patience.